Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software



Up-to-date information
The crisis management handbook is always up-to-date. The one visible to users is the only valid version. The e-Handbook is built to cover risk management and crisis communication on the same framework.

The system filter content in accordance to the situation and displays always the right scope and scale, which can be specified depending on the rule: from comprehensive text module, which serves as a reference work in the ‘preparedness mode’, to a ‘pocket card’ for crisis or checklist in an emergency case. The function My-Manual is used to individually compile precisely the content previously defined as relevant.

The screen design and menu controls are based on familiar elements from other business software. The system can therefore be operated largely intuitively.

The system is able to handle growing amounts of documents, users, companies and sites,… and connecting other inf

ormation sources from other information systems.

The system can be customized for company requirement (user rights, mailing list, issue cases list and procedures, design, template for press release, release workflow, mail workflow,…)


Web-based software put confidential information on Internet. A single security breach has significant legal consequences. Crisis relevant data is an attractive target and needs to be actively protected. Securing web-based crisis data is a much larger security problem than securing the district's public web site.

With hosted services, you have the advantage of a professional technology company managing security. Our hosted service partner has the incentive to develop deep and expensive network security expertise. They implement high security techniques like restrictive firewalls, server hardening, access restriction, intrusion detection, etc. They also have employee processes and policies designed to safeguard user data.

With installed software, the responsibility for security falls squarely on the IT department. While most districts are familiar with basic network security techniques, very few have expertise to implement the high security techniques justified by the value of data being published to the Internet. The cost of intrusion typically requires a district to recruit/retain/consult a network security expert to minimize the risk of a security breach.

High Availability
High availability is an important concern for any Web-based software. It is also an absolute necessity for a hosted services company. Historically our solution has achieved 99.9% availability.

Minimal Impact on Technology Staff
With a hosted service, we takes care of the technology. This allows your IT department to provide services to your users with little impact on the IT staff.With installed software, the IT department needs to budget staff to manage their new application. This maintenance includes installation, applying security patches regularly, doing security audits, running backups, scheduling of staff responsible if downtime occurs, upgrading servers regularly, end user support, etc. Ongoing IT staff expense is often neglected when calculating total cost of ownership, and can be MORE than the cost of software maintenance.