Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software




For every questions and according support level agreement our hotline is available every working day from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT.

A special full support service during crisis time can be booked.




We organize training for crisis team that combine correct handling with the tools and simulation of disruptive event with escalation scenarios on a dedicated training platform that reflect exactly the content and system in service.

Advance training for system administrator and project manager are also available.

For consultant, advisor and person in charge of conception and deployment of risk management system as well as crisis communication we provide several training module that and webinar cessions.

Trainers are providing training in English, French, German and Chinese.


Users involved in crisis management systems are where the organizations are implanted. We supply an integrated self-training module for managers that are not able to participate to in-house training.   

BASIC 1:        5 Minutes to use the knowledge base, e-Handbook efficiently.

BASIC 2:        5 Minutes to be ready to collaborate in case of Disruptive Event / Crisis.

ADVANCE 1:  30 Minutes to be ready to actualize the knowledge base and management system.

ADVANCE 2:  30 Minutes to be ready to start and coordinate a Disruptive Event / Crisis.

On demand Convis provide online test module and a reporting of training level reach for each participant.



Actualisation of content, contact datas, …

Collect information about risk potential
Convis runs for you email campaign to collect actual information by your stakeholder or internal and refresh your database automatically. We assure the design of Feedback form, that could be actualized online or per mail answer. Our software checks automatically if new data should be registered or simply actualized.

Crisis analysis
After each crisis a log file with all events is delivered for analysis. Convis analyses the collected data and using business intelligence tools produce reports on demand.

Design suitable e-Manual
On demand Convis configure your application in order to suit with your organization model (crisis role, wording used, issue cases, workflows, aso,…)

Convis provides with Partner all necessary consulting to design your management system regarding crisis communication and risk management.

Convis Develops customized functionalities to integrate your data or connect the system to your information systems, that are already implemented.