Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software



Convis solutions have been chosen by major organisations to perform their communication and reporting management systems. crcm features

Online crisis handbook

"Manual and instruction for crisis communication are available all over the world, 24/24 on tablets, blackberry, I-phone and as pocket cards for emergency cases. The function read confirmation of instruction is helpful to monitor our crisis-fitness level."

Online surveys

“We use crcm also to collect information and identify the crisis potential on our production site dispatched on the planet. ”

Online training

“We developed a multimedia training suite as part of the tool to prepare our teams for using it and getting the right reflex action in case of emergency. We monitor our performance through a short online evaluation test. ”

Training and simulation

“That was a revolution for us to train our team in life situation creating a complete escalation scenario online. ”

Crisis unit convocation

“ We’ve brought the right people together in a very short time based on their skills and other specific criterion. ”

Crisis role management

"We've defined our crisis potentials and we described in the online manual our issue cases and crisis team role before that a crisis occur. Crisis team members were invited automatically during the crisis. ”


“A rapid distribution of information per mail, with the possibility of targeting a specific group is very important for us”

Wording and pre-defined text blocks

“We’ve use the module Text Blocks to define with our internal and external experts the technical sentences that can be published in a press release. Now we can release in a short time our press information just by inserting the released text blocks. ”

Centralization of information

“Our challenge was to optimize the collection of information concerning the crisis evolution through internal teams on site and also information mediated on the web in one central system. ”

Business partner alert

“For product recall actions it is now easy to notify a group of business partner about major risks, in order to anticipate and take the necessary precautions. ”

Monitor events and tasks

“All events regarding our last issue case were monitored continuously. The team was able to dispatch suitable tasks per mail in few seconds."

(Crisis manager create event categories adapted to the kind of incident, disruptive event or crisis: the information needed from the crisis team are pre-defined as short questionnaire simply to use.)


“Our employee working on the production site in Auckland was able to send photos of the accident in a few second to the crisis team member within a secure environment. ”