Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software



Further feature

Data can be published by the authorized persons or ready for print from a single auditable source.

Adaptable parameters reflect business processes or business changes.

Automatic collation ensures access to accurate, real-time data at any role level.

W2.0 technologies and community tools are included as company private and secure environment.

IPhone and Android compatibility.

Real-time response processing for optimal assessment of the available resources: Edition features gives you total control over the content in an easy way, optimized for tracking evolution of crisis situation. 

Advanced Administration Features gives you total control over access to use.  Your designated administrator can create and delete users, modify their access at any time, reset user password, and limit access all within a secure hosted environment.

 Role Based Access System (RBAS) controlling access to data and functions: The advanced rights management system allows monitoring several organizations, that see only their concerned information.

The advanced email information engine allows several customized workflow (release documents, alarm crisis member, emailing, invitation to online survey, send login to user, E-mail alerts and responses …)

Data import & Export functions (contacts, Users, Procedures…)

Reports generated in real-time in several formats (PDF, Excel, CSV etc.)

The solution is quickly up and running, within a time ranging from one to several weeks.

A wide range of consulting and support services let you implement a praxis oriented solution.