Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software



CrCm Crisis & Risk Communication Management Software

This full web solution supports companies and consultant to design and implement
suitable crisis management system and manage it efficiently!

Be prepared for crisis time! Well trained and up to date.

  1. Define, crisis scenarios, issue cases, crisis role procedure in an online management Handbook
  2. Inform and distribute individual personal handling procedures, pocket card and check list
  3. Simulate a disruptive event escalating to a crisis and train your personal to communicate

Manage your crisis efficiently! Anytime and from anywhere.

  1. Report incident and manage escalation risks
  2. Define your Crisis Management Team and alert the members by a simple click
  3. Monitor collaborative information about crisis evolution  
  4. Manage decision and tasks progress

Communicate quickly with your audience!

  1. Create, release and send mailing to the stakeholder audiences
  2. Use predefine text module that are already checked by experts
  3. Assure that the correct wording is used from press speaker to call center

Analyze and improve your management!

  1. Analyze crisis course and improve processes and training plan
  2. Review your management system


CRCM: Crisis & Risk Communication Management System